Assisted Living Facility - Dilectus Madeira Staff

Dilectus Madeira

our staff

Our dedicated staff team has been individually selected for their qualifications and their vocational skills and attitude.

They are committed to the support and wellbeing of our clients, and encouraged to adapt to their individual needs, thereby offering a good quality of life for those in our care, providing a leisurely and autonomous life style in a magnificent environment.

Meals are cooked fresh throughout the day by our fully qualified chefs, who pride themselves in the preparation of special diets and/or à la carte menus tailored, as much as possible, to our client’s normal eating habits and personal tastes under medical and/or nutritionist requirements.

As we all know, an active and inclusive living should be part of every individual’s daily life. Therefore, our dedicated Leisure Manager, together with our clinical team, is highly qualified to organize attractive/leisure activities tailored to all clients and according to their own will.

Above all, Managers and all members of our staff assume that dedication is at the core of everything we do.

The owners actually live at DILECTUS, Engineer João Vasconcellos e Sá, Chairman, and his wife Cristina Frazão, Technical Manager.