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where we are

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Located in Funchal, Madeira Island often referred to as the pearl in the Atlantic. Madeira is a real treasure which has been attracting sea traders, explorers and settlers for centuries. And now tourists are finding it every bit as appealing. They’re drawn by its wonderful climate, which is warm and pleasant all year round, its outstanding natural beauty, its abundant natural resources and its warm and welcoming people.

Madeira also prides itself for its regional events throughout the year, such as:
• The Carnival festivities
• The Flower Festival
• The Festival of the Atlantic
• The Madeira Wine Festival
• The New Year’s Eve amongst many other regional festivities

Funchal is the capital, a modern, multicultural, relaxed and very quiet city, located in the sunniest south coast of the Island, very known for its places of interest such as the ancient cathedral, theatre, Town Hall, museums, the old town, local restaurants, cafes and esplanades, stunning gardens and its attractive waterfront.

DILECTUS is located in the city of Funchal, just 5 minutes car journey from the centre and its facilities, attractions and festivals throughout the year, 1 minute from the highway which gives quick access to our international airport and to all the cities and villages around the island and very close to the hotel main area as well as of the promenade that runs alongside this beautiful place.

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