Assisted Living Facility - Dilectus Madeira

Dilectus Madeira

Assisted Living Facility

Residência Assistida - Assisted Living Facility - Ort für betreutes Wohnen

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A DILECTUS is the only Assisted Living Facility and Respite care in Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal

At DILECTUS  assisted living facility everything is adapted to meet our guests’ needs and wishes, where guests can find the ideal environment that combines the comfort and privacy of their own homes with the convenience of hotel services. Located in Funchal, Madeira Island often referred to as the pearl in the Atlantic. Madeira is a real treasure which has been attracting sea traders, explorers and settlers for centuries. And now tourists are finding it every bit as appealing.

Stylishly decorated, this complex offers guests the utmost comfort, facilities and activities to ensure enjoyable stays. The complex offers 45 spacious and well-equipped bedrooms (single or double occupancy), prepared for wheelchair and disabled access. Accessibility includes appropriate wheelchair access within bathrooms, including shower access.

DILECTUS has a selected, dedicated, friendly and multidisciplinary staff team, including, of course, medical and nursing support services at your disposal 24/7, ready to provide you with all the support you may possibly need. Our dedicated staff team has been individually selected for their qualifications and their vocational skills and attitude. They are committed to the support and wellbeing of our clients, and encouraged to adapt to their individual needs, thereby offering a good quality of life for those in our care, providing a leisurely and autonomous life style in a magnificent environment.

DILECTUS is also a marvelous Residence to retire, bearing in mind Madeira Island is considered a foreign perfect destination for such purpose, because of its wonderful climate, warm and pleasant all year round, its outstanding natural and rare beauty, its abundant natural resources and its warm and welcoming people. Funchal is the capital, a modern, multicultural, relaxed and very quiet city, located in the sunniest south coast of the Island.

As so, also find out at DILECTUS your Premium Home to reside. We are more than delighted to welcome you at our highest and refined quality standards.

At DILECTUS guests have full autonomy to


which is indeed DILECTUS’ main concept.

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